Baking MacBook Pro

Today I have baked MacBook Pro for dinner.

I have never thought that it could happen to me when I was told about some people baking their graphic cards or motherboards to fix them. Today I baked one myself.

It was MacBook Pro 17” A1212 that I gave to my dad long ago. Recently he complained that it would not start. When I get my hands on the laptop I found out that it shows a checkered screen with an apple logo when booting and then nothing.

I immediately googled for the “MacBook Pro checkered screen” and found out this video. Besides the fact that this video is fun, it was really inspiring. So I covered motherboard with aluminum foil leaving only graphic chip uncovered and heated it with a hairdryer for 12 minutes.

Honestly, I was skeptical about the result. Despite my skepticism, it fixed the graphic after the first try. Turns out the heat melts the soldering that was used to connect the chip to the motherboard and all broken connections get fixed.

I think my dad will be so happy to get his MacBook Pro back.